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Do You Make These 7 Area Rug Mistakes?

Blog > Do you make these 7 area rug mistakes?

Do you make these 7 area rug mistakes?

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015


How savvy are you with your area rug decorating? Do you have the skills and know-how to use area rugs effectively in your home décor? Check your area rugs with these seven common mistakes to see how well you are covered


­1. Are your rugs too small? The most common area rug mistake is using a rug too small for the area. In a runner, beside a bed, or covering a traffic area, the rug should cover the entire traffic pattern comfortably. No one wants cold feet getting out of bed or to trip navigating an uneven hallway.

In a furniture arrangement, the area rug must cover the entire area of the furniture placement, touching every nearby piece of furniture. A good rule of thumb is to place two feet of each chair or sofa on the rug. Is there enough room? If not, layer the rug over a larger, neutral rug or move the rug to a smaller area.


2. Are you using a rug pad? The second most common mistake is skipping the pad. This can be hazardous, as an unpadded rug will move and could cause a dangerous fall. Rug pads also extend the life of your rug and protect the carpet or floor underneath from needless wear and tear. Be sure to purchase a pad for each area rug in your home.


3. Are you layering your area rugs? An effective way to decorate with area rugs – especially loudly-pattered rugs or rugs a little small for the space – is to layer them over neutral rugs. This stacked rug look also extends the life of your rugs while providing opportunities for future decorating variety.


4. Are you ignoring area rug opportunities in your carpeted rooms? Wall-to-wall carpet can be boring at best and uncomfortable at worst. Layer on some pattern, color, and comfort with a nice area rug in carpeted living, eating, and play areas. The right area rug can truly transform your carpeted area to a sanctuary that is just your style.


5. Are you afraid to use pattern or contrast in your area rugs? Area rugs are a safe way to play with pattern and bold colors. They aren’t a permanent change – the rug can always be moved or layered under furniture to tone down the effect. And with the addition of a bright rug, you just may find that the color better reflects your vision for the space, after all!


6. Are you neglecting to clean your area rugs regularly? No matter if your rug is machine made or hand-knotted, shag or braided, your investment will last longer and look its best with proper care and maintenance. Make sure to clean stains quickly, and regularly follow proper cleaning procedures for your unique piece.


7. Do you hesitate to purchase rugs, assuming they will cost too much? Many people hesitate to enjoy the rugs they want because they assume quality rugs will cost a fortune. In fact, offers many affordable area rugs in a variety of styles and colors. Don’t hesitate to buy the rug of your dreams. Shop Greater Tennessee Flooring today!

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