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How to Save Your New Area Rug From an Unsightly Stain

Blog > How to save your new area rug from an unsightly stain

How to save your new area rug from an unsightly stain

Monday, June 8th, 2015


Nothing stings more than discovering an unpleasant stain on your brand new area rug. Whether the glaring mark came from your pet, your child, or even your spouse, cleaning up the mess and saving your beautiful rug doesn’t have to feel like a hopeless endeavor. Employing the following stain removal techniques can restore your carpeting to its former spotless appearance.


1.When a liquid spill occurs, blotting the damp area is the first course of action you should take. Remember, never rub or scrub the spot where the stain has occurred. Doing so will only make the situation worse. It is wise to always have carpet/rug cleaner on hand for the type of rugs you have in your home.

2. Before you use any kind of cleaning solution on your rug, testing the product on a small hidden area is highly recommended. Performing a quick test on a spot that is unseen or small enough to go unnoticed, can save you from damaging a main part of the rug. Simply apply a couple of drops of cleaning solution to the chosen area and carefully blot it with a clean white cloth. Once the process is done check to make sure the coloring in the rug has not been negatively effected by the solution or none of the color from the rug has transferred onto the clean white cloth..

3. After you have applied the cleaning product to a white cloth, gently start blotting the outside of the stain while carefully making your way to the middle of the mark. As stated before, do not rub or scrub the stain, such actions will further tarnish your area rug. If the cloth you are using becomes dirty, either use a clean part of the fabric or replace it with a new one

4. Using a spray bottle, lightly dampen the area with water and proceed to blot the spot to remove any remnants of the cleaning solution. To dry the wet area, place paper towels over the moist section and press down. If necessary, put two or three hardcover books on top of the paper towels and leave them there for a couple of hours. After the excess moisture is absorbed by the paper towels, allow the area rug to sit uncovered until it has dried.

5. Once you have finished the process, and your area rug has dried completely, take a good look at the place where the stain resided. If you can still see a mark, you will need to repeat the cleaning procedure. Whether the first attempt works or not, depends on what type of stain you are dealing with and how deep the stain is.

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