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Rug Underlayments

Rug Underlayments

Keeping area rugs safe, comfortable and beautiful is as easy as simply adding a rug underlayment underneath. In addition to extra cushion underfoot, rug underlayments provide the safety of a stable, non-slip surface that helps prevent rugs from sliding around. Underlayments also keep rugs smooth, flat and wrinkle-free for added beauty and ease of vacuuming. Rug pads are ideal for use on any hard surface flooring and carpeting, and can be easily trimmed to fit any size rug. . The rug underlayment should be no less than 1-2 inches smaller than your rug on all sides.

Rug pads are available for any shape and size of rug.

  • Provides non-slip for safety
  • Keeps rugs smooth, flat, and wrinkle-free
  • Extends longevity by reducing wear
  • Adds cushion or firmness underfoot
At Greater Tennessee Flooring we offer two different types of rug underlayment.


Comfortgrip is the best rug pad for a loose rug or runner with no furniture placed on it. Comfortgrip has been the best pad we have found in 37 years that really works and keeps your rugs in place. Comfortgrip is rubber/polymer, and will not mark, discolor or stick to the floor. Comfortgrip keeps area rugs securely in place and features a ten year warranty.


Luxehold is made of totally different materials today. Synthetic fibers are used, which have similar characteristics. Synthetics, however, do not break down (dust); they are non-allergenic and are mold and mildew resistant. A fiber pad allows you to have a firm foundation, which takes stress off seams and backing where heavy furniture may dent the carpet. This pad is ideal for low pile carpet and is used exclusively on woven carpet. We also use it on area rugs when a large rug has furniture placed on top of it. Luxehold is our best-performing area rug pad. Similar to a fiber pad, but it has a unique grid pattern that helps keep your area rug from moving. The bottom has a rubber non-skid surface to keep the pad and rug in place. Luxehold gives a firm body to your area rug.

luxholdAgain, it will not stain, discolor or stick to your floors. Luxehold is the ultimate in rug padding, offering cushioned comfort and protection for both your rug and your floor. Reversible for use on hard surfaces and carpet, Luxehold is ideal for uneven surfaces and reduces puckering under heavy furniture. This revolutionary product is backed by a 20 year wear warranty, and should be cut no less than 1-2 inches smaller than your rug on all sides.