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Care & Cleaning

Carpet Care & Cleaning

Regular Vacuuming Dry soil that gets into your carpet from daily use includes particles that have tiny razor-like edges that cut and dull the fibers of your carpet. That is why regular vacuuming of your carpet, especially in areas that get the most traffic, is your first line of defense in keeping your new carpet looking great. You should vacuum the entire carpeted area a minimum of twice per week.

Removing any loose soil by vacuuming is important so that the soil is not worked into the carpet pile by foot traffic. Remember, it is easier to remove loose soil right away by vacuuming rather than let the soil become embedded in the carpet.

Deep Cleaning While regular vacuuming is the most important cleaning activity, deep extraction cleaning will become necessary to remove stubborn or embedded soil. You can talk to the experts at Greater Tennessee Flooring about the best ways to deep clean your carpet. Your carpet should be dry- or wet-extraction cleaned a minimum of every 12 or 18 months before it shows soiling. You should use a cleaning method recommended by the carpet manufacturer to maintain their warranty.

Natural fibers may require specialized care. Here’s some advice on cleaning natural fiber carpeting:

Wool – When cleaning wool fibers, be gentle. Excessive agitation and excessive heat should be avoided. Wool will be damaged by bleaches and alkaline. So it’s important to clean wool with neutral detergents (pH 5.0-8.0). Dry the fibers quickly to limit yellowing or browning.

Cotton/Rayon – Cotton and rayon are cellulosic fibers and may be cleaned using all cleaning methods. Avoid using alkaline solutions that may cause the fibers to brown. Don’t overwet this type of carpet, since that may cause shrinking. Avoid excessive agitation.

Silk – It is important to note that silk should be cleaned using a dry cleaning process. Silk fibers will be damaged by high temperatures, so use cool water. Also, avoid cleaners with a high pH (>9). We recommend that you leave the cleaning of silk fibers to carpet cleaning professionals.

Synthetic Fibers – For cleaning carpet made from synthetic fibers, it is important to rely on the carpet manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific brand. We recommend cleaning agents designed especially for stain resistant carpet cleaning. BE SURE to follow the directions for dilution and application. Accidentally putting cleaners on full strength from the bottle may damage your carpet. Never use soap, laundry detergent, automatic dishwasher detergent, or any of the strong household cleaning agents intended for use on hard surfaces such as woodwork, linoleum, or tile. Of course, as with any cleaning of carpet, for best cleaning results, always prevacuum the area first and apply a preconditioning solution.

Here is some information on some popular methods of carpet cleaning.

Dry Extraction (Polymer Compound) Method
An absorbent compound saturated with detergents and solvents is brushed in and around the fibers with specially-designed machines or brushes. The compound attaches to the soil particles, and both the soil and compound are then removed by vacuuming.

Dry Foam Extraction Method
In dry foam cleaning, a detergent solution is whipped into foam and applied to the carpet. The foam is worked into the carpet by hand brushing or by a machine with reel-type brushes. Then, the carpet is vacuumed.

Hot Water Extraction Method
This is often called “steam cleaning.” Areas of heavy use are preconditioned to suspend ground-in soil, and then a pressurized cleaning solution is injected into the pile. Then, the machine immediately extracts the solution with the soil in it. If you choose “steam cleaning,” you should follow the directions carefully and avoid overwetting. A tip to help the carpet dry more quickly is to place fans in the room or to turn the building air system fan to the “on” position.

Here are some more Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind when wet cleaning your carpet:

Remove furniture from the room before cleaning. If this is not possible, place plastic film under and around the legs of chairs, tables and other furniture to prevent rust or furniture stains from developing on the carpet and to protect your furniture.

Use only the recommended cleaning solution strength for cleaning products. Read instructions carefully. Different products have different instructions. Be sure to carefully rinse all detergent or cleaners from the carpet to prevent accelerated resoiling.

Don’t overwet the carpet. Overwetting may cause separation of the backing, separation of the seams, shrinkage, discoloration, and odor.

Your carpet must not stay wet for an extended period of time. The carpet should be dry within 12 hours. Provide proper ventilation or use fans to quickly dry the carpet and exhaust any solution-related fragrances.

Important: Allow the carpet to dry completely before walking on it.

Ask the experts at Greater Tennessee Flooring to tell you more about the Care & Cleaning of your specific brand of new carpet. They can also clean your carpet for you professionally!

Greater Tennessee Flooring also offers Capture® Carpet Cleaner by Milliken. These great products are among the world’s premier family of carpet cleaning products. Ask us about the Capture product line that will help keep your carpets and rugs looking their best!

The Capture dry cleaning system makes it quick, safe and easy for you to get professional quality carpet cleaning results every time you vacuum. The Capture product is a dry cleaning powder made of thousands of tiny particles that look and act like tiny sponges. These “sponges” absorb dirt, spills, spots, odors, and even allergens on contact, leaving your carpet clean and dry. We can provide you with The Capture Carpet Clean Care Kit, which includes everything you need to clean spots, entrance ways, traffic lanes, and even entire rooms!

We carry the complete line of products for your carpet by Milliken, including:

  • Capture Care Kit – Your all-in-one kit to keep all your carpets and rugs clean.
  • Spot Eliminator – This aerosol works great on grease and oil based stains.
    Spot & Stain Remover – A liquid spray that is tough on even the most difficult stains like ketchup, wine, and mustard.
  • Pet Stain & Odor Neutralizer – The perfect product for taking care of all types of organic-based pet stains.
  • Steam Clean Detergent – Maximize your wet extraction machine with this powerful detergent.

To find out more about Milliken products for your carpet, click here.