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Ceramic Tile Flooring in Knoxville, TN

Knoxville Ceramic TileIf you’ve often admired the clean and natural look of ceramic or porcelain tile flooring, you’re not alone. For high traffic areas and for kitchens, baths, entry ways and hallways, ceramic tile is a wonderful way to go. Available in glazed or unglazed, a ceramic or porcelain tile floor from Greater Tennessee Flooring is not only extraordinarily beautiful, it is extremely durable and easy to clean and maintain. For more information on our ceramic tile selections, visit or contact us today!

Some of the many benefits of ceramic tile flooring include:

  • Will not retain liquids or absorb fumes, odors or smoke, making them suitable for any environment where hygiene is essential.
  • Unlike carpeted floors, ceramic tiles don’t substantially accumulate electrostatic “shocks” (therefore, they are ideal for home computer rooms, etc
  • Coloring materials in ceramic tiles will not be affected either by changing or fading from long exposure to light.
  • Excellent insulators and passive solar energy collectors.
  • Provide excellent protection for structural surfaces if a fire should occur.

Types and Descriptions
At Greater Tennessee Flooring, we carry a truly complete selection of the best brands of ceramic, porcelain and stone tile. Our knowledgeable staff is made up of experts on these desirable types of flooring. There are wonderful varieties for you to choose from.

Knoxville Ceramic TileCeramic Tile Clean and classic, ceramic tile is ideal for high traffic areas and areas that may be exposed to water, such as bathrooms, kitchens and boathouses. When choosing ceramic tile, decide on the overall look you want. Ceramic tile gives you a wonderful variety for your selection, from formal to casual. Styles available include marbleized or glossy finished tile. For the casual look, a textured or stone look tile may be ideal.

A ceramic tile floor is long lasting and extremely durable. So, you will want to choose a style that is timeless and enduring in taste. Therefore, avoid loud, trendy colors and stay with a more neutral look.

Ceramic tile varies in size, from 1″ X 1″ to as large as 24″ X 24″. Commonly used sizes for square tiles come in sizes of 12″, 13″, 16″, 17″ and 18″.

Likewise, ceramic tiles offer a wide array of textures. These include matte finish and rippled high gloss finish, sometimes called the “orange peel” finish. Another texture is the non-skid finish. It has a heavy grit sandpaper feel and is often used outdoors or in commercial applications.

Glazed Tile
There is a wonderful variety of glazed tiles available at Greater Tennessee Flooring. How durable the tile will be depends on the type of glaze. Fired glazes are the best and the hardest. All are beautiful.

Unglazed Tile
Unglazed tiles are for specialized usage because they are more delicate than glazed and fired glazed tiles.

Natural Stone Tile
Greater Tennessee Flooring is where you can find wonderful stone tiles such as granite tile, which is virtually indestructible. Stone is very popular in fashionable homes and our experts specialize in stone installation.

Stone Finishes
For duplicating the look of stone, stone finishes are ideal. They are durable and more reasonably priced than solid stone tiles.

Varieties of Stones
Stone tiles are available in a variety of forms: gauged, cleft, agglomerated and raw.

Ceramic Tile Brands We Carry

At Greater Tennessee Flooring, we carry the most-desirable top brand names of ceramic and porcelain tile flooring. Our brands were chosen for one simple reason: they are the best. Period.

logo_floridaFLORIDA TILE is a marvelous choice for your fine home or business. Styles include Florida Tumble Tile. This is a new offering and truly brings distinction to any setting. Each Tumble Tile is actually composed of broken, tumbled ceramic pieces which resemble natural worn stone pebbles. Available in rich, earthen colors that blend perfectly with today’s decorating palettes. Available in nominal sizes 12×12 and 4×12. Excellent strength and durability. Perfect for all commercial and residential wall and floor applications in dry pedestrian areas. view their products

Ceramic Tile Care & Cleaning

  • The care and maintenance of your ceramic tile depends on the type you have chosen. Glazed tile is extremely easy to keep clean, thanks to its non-porous surface. Whatever type of ceramic tile you choose, here are some important ways to keep it looking as new as possible for as long as possible.
    Be sure that you have a good seal of mortar or grout between the tiles. This keeps water out and protects the edges.
  • Vacuum or mop your tile floor often.
  • Use a damp mop or soft cloth to remove any soil. For heavier cleaning, you may use a mild detergent. Wipe dry after rinsing.
  • You may choose to use an electric floor washer or polisher to clean your ceramic tiles. For this, use a mild, low-sudsing detergent in water. Always rinse well and dry.
  • For grout that is stained or mildewed, a solution of water and chlorine bleach is often used. Apply the solution and let it soak for about a half-hour. Then, rinse thoroughly and wipe or mop dry.
  • Be careful when cleaning that you do not scratch or scrape your glazed tile. Treat it like fine china or porcelain.
  • Never clean a ceramic tile with harsh, abrasive cleansers. Do not use steel wool or a metal scraper.

Let the experts at Greater Tennessee Flooring guide you through the purchasing and installation of your ceramic tile. Other areas they can tell you more about include the following:

  • Epoxy for ceramic tile installation. How do you avoid problems with epoxy? How can you get the best results with the best brands?
  • Ceramic tile adhesives. Which adhesives are the best? Which last the longest and are the easiest to use?
  • Ceramic tile underlayments. How can your floor be more comfortable and longer lasting?
  • Ceramic tile custom options. What accents and special pieces do we carry that will make your space truly unique?
  • Porcelain. How can you choose porcelain for an ideal look for you home?
  • Floor conditions. How do you prepare your floor for a new ceramic tile surface?