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Care & Cleaning

Ceramic Tile Care & Cleaning

  • The care and maintenance of your ceramic tile depends on the type you have chosen. Glazed tile is extremely easy to keep clean, thanks to its non-porous surface. Whatever type of ceramic tile you choose, here are some important ways to keep it looking as new as possible for as long as possible.
    Be sure that you have a good seal of mortar or grout between the tiles. This keeps water out and protects the edges.
  • Vacuum or mop your tile floor often.
  • Use a damp mop or soft cloth to remove any soil. For heavier cleaning, you may use a mild detergent. Wipe dry after rinsing.
  • You may choose to use an electric floor washer or polisher to clean your ceramic tiles. For this, use a mild, low-sudsing detergent in water. Always rinse well and dry.
  • For grout that is stained or mildewed, a solution of water and chlorine bleach is often used. Apply the solution and let it soak for about a half-hour. Then, rinse thoroughly and wipe or mop dry.
  • Be careful when cleaning that you do not scratch or scrape your glazed tile. Treat it like fine china or porcelain.
  • Never clean a ceramic tile with harsh, abrasive cleansers. Do not use steel wool or a metal scraper.

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