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Knoxville’s Hardwood Experts

Knoxville HardwoodThe eternal standard for classic floors is hardwood, especially here in the bungalows and farmhouses found in and around Knoxville. At Greater Tennessee Flooring we not only carry the very finest brands, we have the experience to install your new hardwood floors with a craftsmanship befitting your fine home. We also install each floor ourselves and do not use “fly-by-night” subcontractors whose skills are unknown.

Hardwood floors are versatile, from formal settings to the most casual of rooms. One of the most desirable qualities of hardwood flooring is that the surface may be refinished over time to honor the timeless quality of natural wood grain.

Knoxville HardwoodTypes and Descriptions
Hardwood floors are available in a wonderful variety of wood species. Available woods include American maple, cherry, pine,  ash, oak and birch, as well as exotic specialty hardwoods such as Merbau, Mahogany, Brazilian Cherry, Rosewood, and Bamboo.

Hardwood floors can be installed as large one-piece boards or in the form of “engineered wood.” Engineered wood is when the top layer of the floor is a hardwood veneer that has been laminated to lower layers of other woods to improve dimensional stability. Engineered displays less expansion and contraction with moisture changes and therefore can be successfully installed below grade, in basements, in humid climates and can even be fit to vertical surfaces. Generally, hardwood flooring is pre-finished at the factory to ensure the highest quality possible under ideal conditions.