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Care & Cleaning

Hardwood Care & Cleaning

We all marvel and are thrilled to discover a vintage hardwood floor that is in excellent condition. That doesn’t happen by accident. Here are some basic guidelines to keep your new hardwood floor looking fabulous:

  • Keep your floor clean. Dirt contains small stones with razor sharp edges and nothing is worse for any floor than dirt.
  • Place bristle type mats at all exterior door entries. Use them when entering the home to remove grit and dirt from your shoes.
  • Place area rugs near all entrances to the home.
  • Remember to always place soft casters or felt pads under furniture legs.
  • Water is a hardwood floor’s biggest enemy! Protect your hardwood floor from moisture. Around dishwashers, aquariums, and sink areas, always place an area rug on the floor to protect it.
  • Never haul or drag anything heavy or sharp across your hardwood floor.

For care and maintenance of hardwood floorings, we recommend Dura-Luster cleaner, available from Greater Tennessee Flooring.