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Area Rugs

Area Rugs

Nothing brightens a space or adds a wonderful rich texture to a room like a quality area rug. Area rugs are ideal for bringing a wealth of warmth and texture to your decor. Area rugs are comfortable under foot, and even decrease the noise in a space. They are available in a vast variety of colors, shapes, designs, material, texture and price range. Area rugs are highly decorative and easy to relocate. An area rug is very versatile: it can be the focal point of a room, create a cozy conversation area, provide a splash of color, or be a unifying element that ties colors together. Area rugs can quickly and easily give rooms character.

In terms of structure and design, an area rug can really bring a room together by allowing color schemes and interior style to be accentuated. This is performed by repeating those aspects within its design. Also, area rugs can help define a room’s purpose. Specific areas can be divided up and identified by placing a rug in the center of that space.

These rugs look equally good on hardwood or on carpet provided the color and patterns of the two do not clash. The comfort, acoustic benefits and space definition that area rugs provide are needed more than ever with hard floor coverings. Greater Tennessee Flooring has a fantastic selection of area rugs in stock. Our design experts can assist you in deciding which of these incredible rugs is ideal for your decorating dreams.

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